Accadia (FG) and Ariano Irpino (AV) are places where mysterious and seductive nature releases all its power, giving birth to fruits with an unforgettable flavor. The project was born with the aim to take care of this little part of the world and to share the pleasure of tasting authentic products.

Apulia and Campania, two spectacular lands of Southern Italy that have been offering us rare and very tasty fruits for centuries. The love for these territories, the desire to taste healthy and authentic food and the passion for scientific research have pushed me to start this new enterprise in the agricultural field aimed towards the production of “authentic” products, fruits of a cultivation that is respectful of the land and the environment.

One of the mottos that are most dear to the peasants is “Mother Earth never betrays us.” Today, nature is more and more a stepmother, and the quality of the products depends more and more often on which and how many technological skills are employed. Ancient wisdom represents a priceless heritage to be preserved, but must be combined with a modern vision and the application of innovative techniques.



L’attività produttiva del Caseificio NELMIOCAMPO è momentaneamente sospesa.

To produce a good cheese, you must have quality raw material.
I chose goat milk because it is leaner, more digestible and better tolerated.
Thanks to its high calcium content, it is particularly suitable for children and the elderly, as well as being more sustainable for the environment: goats take up less space and use fewer resources.



In the ancient village of Accadia, in the province of Foggia, one can find my farm with 1,000 olive trees of the main native varieties such as grappolo, leccino and ogliarola.

In this uncontaminated land, with caves dating back to the Neolithic, natural oaks and hills covered with olive groves, I produce one of the most precious ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: extra virgin olive oil.



Thanks to the reduced amount of lactose and the increased digestibility, goat milk is also very well suited for the production of yoghurt.

Nella yogurteria NELMIOCAMPO viene utilizzato soltanto il latte delle capre allevate in azienda, per essere trasformato in varie tipologie di yogurt.

The chickpeas


Nei terreni che circondano non mancano le coltivazioni. Tra tutte si distingue quella dei ceci, legume ad alto contenuto di proteine e carboidrati.

Le coltivazioni di ceci NELMIOCAMPO sono interamente biologiche.


The history, culture, traditions, nature, landscapes, healthy environment, gastronomy and hospitality that characterize the town of Accadia today make it a place to visit and enjoy in all its aspects. Here, the relationship between man and the environment is expressed in ways of exceptional rarity and beauty.