Le Lattiche

Slow coagulation goats, also called "lactic", represent the genesis of the art of cheese making, enclosing the fullest essence of goat's milk. The long maturation of the curd, generally 24 hours, and the almost absence of rennet strongly characterize this type of cheese making it persuasive and creamy, very suitable as an aperitif or pre-dessert.

The structure of goat lactic is particularly predisposed to "marriages" with other elements: rose petals, saffron, candied orange, elderflower are just some of the marriages celebrated IN MY FIELD. Behind this production phase, which is only apparently the result of creativity and inventiveness, there is actually a great deal of study and research.

It is not enough to imagine a combination, even chromatically pleasing, to create a product that is aromatically and organoleptically valid. The support of experienced noses and taste buds is decisive for carrying out successful projects.

Types produced:

Cubotto (80 g cube-shaped lactic with candied orange, aged 5-9 days)

Cuore di Rosa (80g heart-shaped lactic with rose petals, aged 5-9 days)

Mediterranea (50g turret-shaped lactic with lavender and fennel, aged 5-9 days)

Rulletto (80g cylinder-shaped lactic with wild herbs, aged for 5-9 days)

Normanno (100g round-shaped lactic with saffron and pepper, aged 5-9 days)

Essence (100g oval-shaped lactic with raspberries and rosemary, aged 5-9 days)