Il Cacioricotta

Cacioricotta is one of those dairy products of great interest, in the production of which all three technological variables - acid, rennet and thermal - which give life to coagulation intervene at the same time. With a clear southern imprint, cacioricotta evokes the manual skill and craftsmanship of the process, the sacredness of gestures and respect for the times.

The NELMIOCAMPO Cacioricotta is collected in special sheets which are then suspended for drying during which it takes the form of a "casket".

Used fresh, it retains the pleasant lactic and vegetable notes typical of goat's milk, flavored and slightly seasoned, it offers more marked and decisive sensations, while retaining the elegance of a "casket".

Types produced:

Scrigno (Cacioricotta of 200 g. Matured for 10 days)

Selvatica (200g Cacioricotta with wild fennel, matured for 10 days)

Regamo (200g Cacioricotta with mountain oregano, matured for 10 days)