Gli Stagionati

One of the most famous phrases referring to cheeses says: cheese is the race of milk towards immortality.

We at NELMIOCAMPO like to think that, if we need to talk about immortality, it is linked to the ability of cheese to grow, mature and evolve in the best possible conditions and with the necessary time: waiting and care are the necessary ingredients.

NelMIOCAMPO seasoned goat's are followed, on their slow journey, daily, treated, if necessary, with homemade EVO oil and wrapped in walnut leaves.

At the end of the process, the pasta has the consistency of a grain whose flakes retain a surprising solubility and a pleasant fat residue.

We believe that many great chefs' expectations of an important seasoned goat have been well placed.

Types produced:

Capatosta (seasoned in a round shape of 6000 g. Seasoning> 6 months)

Fogliato (aged in a 2000g round shape with walnut leaves, aged for 5-9 days)