In the ancient village of Accadia, in the province of Foggia, one can find my farm with 1,000 olive trees of the main native varieties such as grappolo, leccino and ogliarola.

In this uncontaminated land, with caves dating back to the Neolithic, natural oaks and hills covered with olive groves, I produce one of the most precious ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: extra virgin olive oil.

Rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants and vitamin E, it is a true elixir for a long life. Thanks to its properties, it protects against cardiovascular diseases and regulates blood cholesterol levels.
The non-intensive tillage of the soil, natural fertilization and balanced annual pruning allows one to obtain a genuine and environmentally friendly product.
Le olive vengono raccolte all’inizio della maturazione, quando sono ancora acerbe e sane, e stoccate nel miglior modo e nel minor tempo possibile (10 ore) prima di essere lavorate in frantoio.

The entire process takes place by adopting a strict agronomic protocol and correct extraction techniques. Finally, the cold pressing allows one to maintain the organoleptic characteristics, the essence and properties of the raw material unchanged. The result is a quality oil, a real olive extract that is the result of the balance between nature and technology, tradition and innovation.

"Recognized with Two Green Leaves for the Gambero Rosso 2020 Oli d'Italia guide."