Organic cultivation

The NELMIOCAMPO company has been carrying out the conversion process to the organic production method since 2019, both for dairy and olive production.

My research is based on the study of the most ethical cultivation and production techniques promoted by organic farming: using resources with full respect of the land, animals and people, optimizing and minimizing waste. My goal is to make products that comply with current regulations on quality, legality and food safety. The conversion process has a minimum duration of 6 months for farms and two years for agricultural land.

The same approach is applied to dairy production: starting with the pastures and feeding the goats, passing through the processing of milk, up to the techniques of refining and packaging the products.

In 2021, the conversion processes to organic, for the dairy products of the Nelmiocampo company, ended with the achievement of the Official Organic Certification.

"I believe that joining the organic system is a fundamental choice to minimize the impact that cultivation and production can have on the balance of the ecosystem."

Marco Salvatore