Il Caciocavallo

Speaking of stretched curd in relation to goat's milk can raise the doubt that a mistake has been made, a sort of incorrect copy and paste. Some mistrust begins to waver when one realizes that the origins of NELMIOCAMPO are in Accadia, a place of great knowledge in terms of caciocavallo. Everything becomes clear when it is realized that the company is located in Irpinia, a land dedicated to the production of pasta filata, and that NELMIOCAMPO makes the combination of "tradition and innovation" a fundamental issue.

In short, there are all the conditions to celebrate the marriage between an ancient art and a young reality made up of agriculture, knowledge and goats. From a partnership so full of meanings, a product so rich in symbolism could only be born: Egg.

Type produced:

Uovo di capra (caciocavallo in the shape of a truncated cone of 1500 g. Matured for 60 days)