L’Accoglienza Nelmiocampo

The history, culture, traditions, nature, landscapes, healthy environment, gastronomy and hospitality that characterize the town of Accadia today make it a place to visit and enjoy in all its aspects. Here, the relationship between man and the environment is expressed in ways of exceptional rarity and beauty.

The absolute protagonist of the events and history of the area and its inhabitants is certainly nature, which, with its beauty and its harshness, its charm and its mystery, its generosity and avarice, has made life hard for the inhabitants and at the same time has protected their culture, history and traditions.

Home cooking, straightforwardly local, friendliness and joviality together with the beauty of the landscape of Campania and Puglia make up the background to a pleasant stay, totally immersed in unspoiled nature.

Our land gives you the gifts of bread and oil and cheeses with everything that is the best and most genuine, in a setting of total well-being.

What we intend to provide with the agritourism activity is authenticity, followed by the offer of relaxation in the encounter with a territory to be discovered.