Le Caciotte

Caciotta is a sort of shared cultural heritage, replicated in various regions of Italy, with more or less similar methodologies. The sages argue that virtue is in the middle and the caciotta fits very well at the center of the ideal path of milk that the NELMIOCAMPO goat cheeses trace.

It has the lightness and freshness of young cheeses, but at the same time the structure and flavor of more mature cheeses.

The variations that NELMIOCAMPO proposes are the result of research and thoughtful choices that have as a spur the idea of ​​the territory that the Company has in mind: refining with hay, that with vine leaves or EVO oil, with small fruits or with wild herbs and edible flowers are projects that arise from the desire to present cheeses with characteristics that are in tune with the area they belong to.

Types produced:

Classic (450 g round-shaped caciotta. Classic tanning, aged 45 days)

Veggie (450g round-shaped caciotta with vegetable rennet, flowers and herbs, aged 45 days)

Poesia (450g round-shaped caciotta with small fruits, aged 45 days)

Vitae (450g round-shaped caciotta with macerated vine leaves, aged 45 days)

Evo (450g round-shaped caciotta with olive leaves and extra virgin olive oil, aged 45 days)

Nest (450g round-shaped caciotta with field hay, aged 45 days)