The Livestock Facility

In Ariano Irpino (AV), in the modern and functional structure of the NELMIOCAMPO company, are raised allevate oltre 450 capre, divided between Saanen and Camosciata delle Alpi.

The animals have at their disposal a comfortable shelter equipped with the best technologies (massage brushes, interactive games, classical background music, temperature, humidity and light detectors, self-directing fans and a modern milking hall), large outdoor paddocks and a large area of land adjacent to the farm that allows free grazing.

Feeding in the stable is based exclusively on self-produced fodder and grains.

Semi-wild breeding with the support of technological innovation allows you to monitor the health of goats on a daily basis and follow them throughout their reproductive cycle

The concept of a short supply chain and the punctual control of all its phases is one of the pillars of my company philosophy. "

Marco Salvatore

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