I Formaggi Molli

In southern Italy there does not seem to be a great tradition referring to soft cheeses in flowery rind, a type, moreover, with respect to which goat's milk is very well prepared. However, drawing on that immense basin of peasant culture, in truth, some examples of soft brie or camembert-like can be found. In fact, when the climatic conditions were particularly "unfavorable" some cheeses tended to bulge and excessively cremate. The knowledge of the past did not allow to codify these data for which such a product was classified as an error or as "wrong cheese".

Often great products or great dishes are the result of initial errors which are later understood and elevated to the system so that they can be replicated.

We at NELMIOCAMPO like to think that “Candido” and his brothers are born as the reappropriation of an important cultural heritage and identity.

Types produced:

Candido (soft cheese "Camembert type" in a round shape of 300 g. Classic tanning, aged 20/25 days)

Flowery rind (300g round-shaped soft cheese "Camembert type" with lavender and elderflower, matured for 20/25 days)

Fruity rind (300g round-shaped soft cheese "Camembert type" with blueberries, ginger and mint, aged for 20/25 days)

Surprise (300g round-shaped soft cheese with double saffron and white paste, aged 20/25 days)

Tronchetto (soft cheese with a 1000 g ingot shape with saffron, matured for 30 days)