Per produrre un buon formaggio bisogna avere una materia prima di qualità.
Ho scelto il latte di capra perchè più magro, più digeribile e meglio tollerato.

Thanks to its high calcium content, it is particularly suitable for children and the elderly, as well as being more sustainable for the environment: goats take up less space and use fewer resources. The care for the welfare of my animals, together with a wise choice of breeding and milking techniques, guarantees that I can obtain a richer milk from an organoleptic, microbiological and nutritional point of view. The cheesemaking methods chosen by me, with the support of maturing and refining techniques, preserve the integrity of the raw material and its link with the territory.

Yoghurt, dairy products, bloomy rinds, washed rinds, soft, semi-cured and seasoned rinds, all with a strong territorial identity, are the fruits of these wise choices. The strict control of the production processes, from the production phase to the post-production phase, with the support of innovative methodologies, allows me to produce only authentic and healthy products.