The Crops

The cultivation activities take place in Accadia (FG), on a field of about 13 hectares, and in Ariano Irpino (AV), on a field of 97 hectares, according to a production system with cereals, forage and olive trees.

Most of the agronomic heritage is exploited with organic farming – in accordance with EC Reg. 834/07 – while a smaller portion is being converted. A large part of the forage production is used to feed the animals, and the surplus production is sold to others farms. As far as cereals are concerned, a study is underway on the cultivation techniques of ancient grains whose production should be destined for very active supply chain circuits in the local territories.

Finally, extra virgin olive oil represents one of the main areas of expertise of the company: an extraordinarily exclusive product, coming from the great richness of the Apulian territory.